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New Construction Power Washing

“​A trusted window cleaning brand serving Bend and other nearby areas, we offer top-quality Window cleaning Bend solutions to residential, commercial and new construction properties.”

New Construction Power Washing Bend Oregon

​Getting a new construction property cleaned up can be tough to do on your own. With all the stubborn dirt, grime and other materials that need clearing up, you are better off leaving the task in the hands of the power washing experts. At Window Cleaning Bend Oregon, we have power washing experts that can get the task done for you and fast.
Power washing can be tricky as incorrectly using the tools involved can lead to accidents and serious injury. We have highly trained experts that have learned the art of power washing and the variety of tools we employ to do the job right and fast. We use only the best power washing equipment with the necessary capacity to get any new construction surfaces cleaned up in no time.
Don’t let an amateur cleaning service ruin the hard work that you have done. Let the professionals take care of the project that you’ve worked so hard for. We have been in the field for a long time and the years of experience we’ve spent handling our clients’ power washing needs has made us one of the most trusted and highly praised providers in Bend and other nearby areas.
Avoid costly damages from power washing gone wrong. Are insured and bonded and will offer a 100% guarantee for the work that we do. We will be more than happy to customize our power washing routine to accommodate your specific needs. More importantly, we show up on time and we get the job done right the first. With highly competitive rates on top of that, there is no better choice for all your power washing needs! 

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